Holtskog is the
one man show
of Halvor Holtskog

Or double H on the triple W if you like.
I am a Designer of UX, UI, Services, Interactions and Graphic stuff.
I also do some coding, but not really.


Did you remember to turn off the oven?


Thought so.

Now that you see what an incredible asset I am, let me help you with other stuff in your life!
Let us update that website you have been talking about.
Yes, the one that does not work on mobile phones.
That would make the rest of your profile look cluttered and outdated, you say?
We can begin with your logo then! The picture of your dog is not really selling you as a postal service, is it?

Scroll further down and send me an email.
We will certainly find a solution to this!

And by the way, the dog do look cute on your t-shirt. I will give you that.


(+47) 917-66-010


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